Gujarat Sultan Ahmad Shah I’s Silver Tanka Sold for INR 35,000

25 Apr 2018  Wed

This pedigree gold tanka was issued Ahmad Shah I of Gujarat Sultanate. Pedigree coins are those that mention at least two of the present ruler’s predecessors, i.e. coin include three legends, name of the ruler, and two more names of his predecessors.

This silver pedigree tanka weighs around 10.45gm. The obverse of this coin depicts a Persian legend which reads "Ahmad Shah bin Muhammad Shah bin Muzaffar Shah Khulidat Khilafatahu" written within a square. Date 831 is written in words in the margin. On the reverse of this coin, a legend is inscribed which reads "Al-Sultan Al-Azam Nasir Al-Dunya wa’l Din Abul Fath".

This very rare silver tanka was sold for INR 35,000 by Oswal Auction.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Auction.

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