The Historic Battle of Panipat

21 Apr 2018  Sat

Today, 21st April had marked the remarkable day in Indian History. A ruler from Kabul turned his wistful eyes to India. In the later period he founded one of the greatest Empire in Indian history, they had contributed a major role not only in Indian art and architecture, but in many more things. It was a day were the ruler from the Kabul, named Babur had defeated the forces of Ibrahim Lodi of Lodi Dynasty from Delhi Sultanate. This day is marked for the victory of Babur over Ibrahim Lodi in the First Battle of Panipat, it was fought in 21st April 1526. This victory had led to the establishment of the one of the greatest empire of the medieval India, The Mughal Empire.

The victory of Battle of Panipat led to the beginning of Mughal rule in India. This victory also made Babur masters of Delhi and Agra, the political centres of north India. Babur ruled Delhi for almost four years from 1526 till 1530. After the death of Bahur, his son Humayun sat on the throne. The book written of Babur, Baburnama which is an autobiography of Babur is one of the earliest known specimens. The book covers all the detailed account of central Asian life of that period; it also includes all the adventures, ideas and opinion of Babur.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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