1872 Amazonian Copper Half Dollar to be Auctioned in March

23 Feb 2018  Fri

Kagin’s Auctions will be organising ANA National Money Show’s official auctions on March 8 and 9 in Dallas. An online session will take place on 10th March. The Dr. George Barber Collection will be offered at the auction which comprises of over 50 U.S. pattern coins.

The collection also includes an 1872 Amazonian copper Half dollar, graded Proof 67 red and brown by NGC. It is the finest out of 10 known examples. Designed by William Barber, the coin features a bear-chested Liberty, resting her arm on a shield, holding a long sword. She is wearing a cap and moving her free hand over an eagle. The reverse features an eagle with spread wings, holding three arrows in its right talons. The other talons lay on a shield and hold an olive branch and a ribbon with the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST.

The coin has deep chocolate-brown with a light chestnut under-glow on the obverse. The surfaces do not have any major marks and the designs are crisp.

A contest was held to choose the designs for ANA National Money Show's cover art. The pattern is featured on this year’s winning cover art by Italian graphic artist Sandra Deiana.

Image courtesy Kagin’s Auctions

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