Colourful 1893-CC Morgan dollar Auctioned for $20,562

09 Feb 2018  Fri

The Regency XXV Auction by Legend Rare Coin Auctions sold a 1920 Saint-Gaudens gold $20 double eagle, graded MS 65 by PCGS for $188,000 on 25th January. A Proof 1852 Seated Liberty dollar, graded PCGS Proof 65 with a green CAC sticker sold for $129,250. This coin was the finest of its type. Legend’s Regency XXVI auction will take place on 17th May in New Orleans while Regency XXVII will happen in Las Vegas on 26th July.

An 1893-CC Morgan dollar, graded MS-64 with a CAC Sticker was sold for $20,562.50 in Las Vegas. You would rarely find an 1893-CC Morgan dollar with rich toning like the above-mentioned coin. Other less-colourful coins of the same type have been sold for $12,000 to $14,000.

It is popularly known as the last Carson City Mint dollar. Most of them have contact marks. These coins are scarce in MS-64 grades. However, only 14 known coins have been graded MS-65 by PCGS. These coins are sold for high values. The offered coin has a good eye-appeal and it has emerald green, amethyst, magenta and gold toning on its obverse side.

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