A Mughal Period Mule Coin Sold for INR 75,000

11 Jan 2018  Thu

This gold mohur weighs 8.6g, it was sold for INR 75,000 by Towywalla Auction. This coin is a mule coin which makes it more fascinating. The obverse of this coin depicts name and title of Shah Alam I. The reverse side of this coin bears the name and title of Farrukhsiyar.

A numismatic mule is a fascinating creation. In the coin world, a mule coin is minted with obverse and reverse designs which are not normally seen in the same piece. These are struck using the obverse die of one coin and reverse die on another coin. These are a hybrid of two designs which never meant to appear together.

This error can be intentional, minted by error or issued out of necessity to meet coinage demands. Such errors are highly sought after. Mule coins are true errors that any collector will love to add in his\her collection by paying a handsome amount.

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