Rudin Collection to be Offered by Heritage

04 Jan 2018  Thu

The Kerry Rudin Collection will be offered by Heritage at the FUN US Coins auction from 3rd to 8th January at the Florida United Numismatists Convention in Tampa.

Kerry started by collecting Lincoln cents as per date, mintmark, and variety. He has an example of the 1936 proof, a 1916 doubled die coin and a 1793 AMERI Chain cent in an old green label holder.

Highlights include 1895 Morgan Dollar PR67 Deep Cameo PCGS, 1879 Flowing Hair Stella certified PR66 Star Ultra Cameo NGC, 1943-S bronze Lincoln cent certified AU53 NGC.

Kerry has been collecting these beautiful and rare coins for 55 years. He hopes to pass on his collection to someone who values these coins as much as he did.

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