U.S. Revenue and Fee Stamps in Good Demand

28 Dec 2017  Thu

Revenue and fee stamps have always caught the attention of many collectors. Some like collecting them after they are done with collecting postage stamps. The United States revenue and fee stamps are in great demand in the market. Payment of or exemption from payment of a tax is shown on a revenue stamp. Payment of a fee for a service is shown on Fee stamps.

The New York Customs House issued eight Silas Wright customs fee stamps in 1887 for payment of miscellaneous customs fees and not for payment of customs duties. On 18th February 1918, these stamps were discontinued. Silas Wright was depicted in the stamp design. He was a member of the House of Representatives and the Senate. He was also the 14th governor of New York. The set of eight stamps in used condition has an officially listed value of $236.25.

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