Bank of Scotland Releases Special Notes for a Special Cause

27 Nov 2017  Mon

Bank of Scotland is going to release less than 40 special banknotes to raise funds for Mental Health UK. The 10-pound note is made of polymer and features rare serial numbers. A map is visible when the notes are placed under ultraviolet light.

18 of the notes feature “totem” signs that were used in the railway network to represent stations from Helensburgh Upper to Mallaig. The serial numbers represent the locomotive type of the popular Glenfinnan viaduct which is depicted on the note as well. These notes will be up for online bidding for a very limited period of time at

Officials stated that the Bank of Scotland has a history of issuing bank notes for more than 320 years and they are delighted to support Mental Health UK by releasing these special notes. Officials hope to raise more than £18,904 through this bidding. This figure was the cost to build the Glenfinnan Viaduct in 1901.

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