Latvia Releases New 5 Euro Silver Celebrating Folk Songs

02 Nov 2017  Thu

The Bank of Latvia will issue a new 5 euro silver collector coin struck by the Royal Dutch Mint, named "Smith forges in the sky" celebrating Latvian folk songs on 2nd November.

The coin depicts some lines from a Latvian folk song and the drawings of artist Edgars Folks. The obverse features a bearded rider in an ancient Latvian hero’s outfit, throwing lightning bolts. The reverse depicts a shawl on the ground and silver jewellery falling from the sky.

The obverse inscription reads "Kalejs kala debesis, ogles bira Daugava" which translates to Smith forges in the sky, the coals burst into the Daugava. The reverse inscription reads "Es paklaju villainiti, man piebira sudrabina" which translates to I spread my shawl on the ground and collect a pile of silver.

Elements from nature and natural phenomena are depicted in the drawings. It’s a common motif in folk songs. This type of folk song takes a lot of space in Krisjanis Barons’ (1835–1923) Cabinet of Folk Songs. It is also listed in the Registered Heritage of UNESCO’s Memory of the World Program since 2001. The Latvian name for the folk song, daina, comes from Lithuanian. It is an important word for the folk song tradition of Krisjanis Barons. The price of the coin at Bank of Latvia Cashier’s Offices is 47 euro and its mintage limit is 4,000 pieces

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