Shrikara Note of Kashmir

26 Oct 2016  Wed

This Shrikara note was issued in VS 1934 by the princely state of Kashmir during the reign of Maharaja Ranbir Singh.

These notes were issued by the treasury and its circulation was limited in 1877. This note was used in payment of land revenue and other government dues. The Shirkara notes were dated VS/AD 1934/1877 and were printed in the Vidyavilas press in Jammu.

These notes depict sun face in the vignette and the word ‘Shrikara’ in the contemporary Sharada in the centre with bold letters and a impression hand-struck seal in Persian below it which reads “Muhr Shrikar Qilimrau Jammun,” meaning “Land Revenue Seal of the Dominion of Jammu,” with the date 1934 in the oblong tables on its two sides. The side panels of sun contain number depicts numerical value in Persian, Nagari and Dogri and these panels are coloured in pale Gold and rest of the parts in Black.

The Inscription in Dogri below the central panel reads “Jammu and Kashmir” and both side panels contain denomination in Nagari and Persian script.

Jammu and Kashmir was first under the control of Mughal Empire and then was under the Sikh dominion but later on it was captured by British and was given to the Dogra dynasty of Jammu, which ruled the state as feudatory ruler.

When India became the Independent Union the Maharaja Hari Singh signed the ‘Instrument of Accession’ which is a legal document agreed by Maharaja to Join the Princely state of Jammu and Kashmir to the Indian Union on 26th October 1947.

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