Inset Mintmarks on Indian Coins

21 Oct 2016  Fri

Have you noticed the symbols below the year of issue on a coin or the absence of it? These symbols actually tell the origin of that particular coin (in present circulation). The symbols have been given a specific meaning and are associated with the various mints of India.

Mumbai Mint: A Diamond.

Kolkata Mint: Nothing (blank) is inscribed beneath the year of issue.

Noida Mint: A Dot.

Hyderabad Mint: A Star.

So next time before pocketing your change, check out these symbols and just imagine what travel that particular piece of metal in your hand has had, it will give your imagination a boost! And maybe next time you have to write “An Autobiography of a Coin” as your English homework, you could write it better!

the Government of India had also outsourced the minting of its coins to various foreign countries. To know more about these outsourced coins and their mintmarks keep visiting this space.

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