Malwa Sultan Ala Al Din Mahmud Shah I Gold Tanka Sold For INR 1,25,000

18 Nov 2023  Sat

Ala-Al-Din Mahmud Shah I ruled the Malwa Sultanate from 1436 CE till 1469 CE. He came to the throne after the death of his father Muhammad I.

Ala-Al Din Mahmud Shah I issued coins in three metals gold, silver and billon.

Extremely rare 10.98g, gold tanka of Malwa Sultan Ala Al-Din Mahmud Shah I, Hadrat Shadiabad Mint, sold for INR 1,25,000 in a recent auction of Oswal Antiques held in Mumbai on October 8, 2023.

Obverse : Al Sultan Al A’zam Abu’l Muzaffar Ala Al Dunya.

Reverse: Wa’l Din Mahmud Shah Al Khalji Khallada Allah Sultanahu and Hijri Year 870.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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