Khengarji III’s Coin with Multi Facets

29 Jul 2022  Fri

Khengarji III had issued a 2 Half-Kori at Bhuj mint in 1953 Vikram Samvat. The obverse of the coin deciphers, “Maharaja Dhiraj Mirza Maharau Shri Khengarji Sawai Bahadur in Devanagari, VS date, Value, Crescent between Katar and Trident, Bars to left and right of center legend”. And the reverse of the coin features, “Persian legend Victoria Qaisar-e-Hind Zarb Bhuj 1897”.

The history of Kutch is not only interesting but rich with several fascinating stories of invasion, a wealth of remembered history, and the amalgamation of several cultures. It now has a unique culture, historic architecture, and crafts that are an inspiration to many. This land with the Dholavira site has been a place of trade since times immemorial and has welcomed people/communities from faraway lands.

The state was a part of the Cutch agency and was later shifted to the Western India States Agency as a part of the Bombay Presidency. It was a prosperous state where its rulers had an army of 354 cavalries, 1412 infantry, and 164 guns.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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