Albanian Noble Man Skanderbeg on Banknotes

21 Jun 2022  Tue

The Banka E Shqiperise issued 1000 Albanian Lek banknotes that depict Albanian nobleman Skanderbeg in 1992. The Banka E Shqiperise issued this banknote in eight different denominations.

Skanderbeg, also known as George Kastrioti Skanderbeg, was an Albanian feudal lord and military commander. He was also known as the Dragon of Albania and is the national hero of that country. He was a rebellion against Ottoman Empire. The rebellion of Skanderbeg was a rare successful instance of resistance by Christians during the 15th century. His leadership led Albanians in guerrilla warfare against the Ottomans.

The Banka E Shqiperise issued this banknote in 1992; these banknotes are still in circulation.

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