Distinctive Shaped Coin

29 Jan 2022  Sat

King Wakhat Singhji of Lunavada had issued copper paisa on which portrait of open hand is shown on the front side and the Persian legends on the backside.

Lunavada's princely state lay in the political agency of Rewa Kantha, Bombay during the British-Raj. It was bounded on the north by the Rajputana State of Dungarpur, on the east by Sunth and Kadana States of RewaKantha, on the south by the Godhrataluka of Panch Mahal district, and on the west by Idar (Mahi Kantha) and Balasinor State (RewaKantha). Lunavada is today a part of the Indian State of Gujarat.

The town was founded by Rana Bhim Singhji in 1434. About the beginning of the 19th century, the town was a flourishing center for traffic between Malwa and Central Gujarat. Its artisans were remarkable for their skill and a brisk trade in arms and accouterments went on. The chief of this state descended from a Rajpur dynasty that ruled at Anhilvada Patan and his ancestors were said to have established themselves at Virpur in 1225.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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