Farmer Tilling a Field with a Tractor on 5 Rupees Note

14 Oct 2021  Thu

Duvvuri Subbarao was the 22nd Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. He is an Indian economist, Central Banker, retired IAS officer, and visiting faculty at the National University of Singapore.

Beginners can start and collectors can expand the India note collection with this valuable note. Here, we present 5 Rupees note of 2010 bearing the signature of D. Subbarao with inset letter L. Serial number and prefix letter (40D, C, E, and F) may vary from image.

The five rupees features Farmer tilling a field with a tractor and in backdrop sunset can be seen too. The Reserve Bank of India had commemorated the Indian farmer’s hard work of feeding the whole country by portraying a farmer tilling the land with a tractor on a 5 rupees note.

Disclaimer: Due to the latest government guideline, deliveries may take a little longer time than usual.

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