Copper Paisa of Pratabgarh

12 Oct 2021  Tue

Partabgarh or Pratabgarh princely state was situated in the south of Rajputana with an area of 886 square miles. In 1425, the state was established as Kanthal state and later was renamed after its capital city Pratapgarh. Geographically, it was bounded on the north and the north-west by Udaipur, on the west and south-west by Banswara, on the south by Ratlam; and on the east by Jaora, Sindhia's districts of Mandasor and Nimach, and a portion of the Rampura-Bhanpura district of Indore.

The major portion of the state consisted of fine open land. But the north-west side was occupied with rocky and hilly ranges. Pratabgarh was entitled to 15 gun salutes by the British authority.

Raganath Singh [King of Pratabgarh] had issued a copper paisa from Devagadh mint in 1953 Vikram Samvat. The obverse of the coin depicts, “Samat in Devanagari, Floral design”. And the reverse of the coin features, “Shri/Raj Dev-/gadh Prata-/pgadh in Devanagari”.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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