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Romania-Israel Joint Stamp Issue

29 Jul 2021  Thu

In the year 2009 Romania and Israel issued a joint stamp commemorating the First Yiddish Theatre in the World.

Shortly after the State of Israel proclaimed its independence in May 1948, Romania recognized it. Thus, Romania became one of the first countries to recognize Israel, and diplomatic relations were established in June, the same year. Beside the political spectrum, there are cultural and historical ties at the basis of the Romania-Israel bilateral relations.

The national anthem of the State of Israel, Hatikva (Hope), has some Romanian "influences". In this context, Romfilatelia and the Postal Administration of the State of Israel have achieved this joint stamp issue dedicated to the founder of the First Yiddish Theatre in the World, Avram Goldfaden.

The stamp depicts the portrait of Avram Goldfaden as well as one of the scenes of the theater and the famous masks of drama theatre.

Image Courtesy: colnect.com

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