Reign of Yuri II Boleslaw

07 Apr 2021  Wed

Yuri II Boleslaw was a ruler of the Piast dynasty (the first historical ruling dynasty of Poland). He ruled the originally Ruthenia principality of Galicia. After his death the Galicia–Volhynia Wars started over the succession of Galicia and Volhynia.

Boleslaw was born between 1305 and 1310 to Trojden I of Masovia from the Piast dynasty, Duke of Czersk and Maria, daughter of Yuri I, prince of Galicia. Since his father was still a ruler of the family's Masovian lands, in 1323 Boleslaw, renamed Jerzy, became Prince of Galicia. He also received the Duchy of Belz after the childless death of Andrew of Galicia. In 1331, he married the daughter of Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas and sister of Aldona of Lithuania, wife of Casimir III of Poland.

After Boles?aw Jerzy's death, the Kingdom of Galicia was inherited by the kingdom of Poland between 1340 and 1366, during the reign of Casimir III of Poland. The above shown coin was issued under his reign.

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