Historical Monuments of Botswana through Stamps

24 Nov 2020  Tue

Botswana is a landlocked country in south-eastern Africa. The country is famous for large baobab tree, giant-size footprints fossilized in the rock, salt flats, Kalahari Desert and mountains.

Following are the listed historical monuments:
1. Tsodila Hills are a UNESCO World Heritage site contains rock art, rock shelters, depressions and caves.
2. Matsieng is a Setswana traditional music trio.
3. Majojo hill has many ancient monuments and site. It is the residence of a chief or "Kgosi", between 1300-1650AD.
4. Kolobeng Mission was built in 1847 by a Christian missionary, David Livingstone. It is one of the early churches and formal schools in Botswana.
5. Old Palapye site has remnants of the Ngwato capital, which was established in 1889 during the reign of the famous Kgosi Khama III.
6. Domboshaba was occupied towards the end of the Great Zimbabwe period (1250-1450AD). It was a regional centre in the Khami phase (1450-1690AD).
7. Gcwihaba caves are imbued with myth, legend and spiritual significance for local communities.
8. Mamuno Monuments are three rock engraving sites with art, works and engravings.

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Image Courtesy: Stampsoftheworld.co.uk

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