Archaeological Site of Bosnia and Herzegovina

19 Nov 2020  Thu

Daorson was the capital of the Illyrian tribe, Daorsi. It was built around acropolis settlement. It has all important administrative, public and religious buildings. The wall extending from southwest to northeast was 65 metres long, 4.2 metres wide, and from 4.5 to 7.5 metres high with doors and towers on both sides.

At this site, few coins of Illyrian have been discovered. The remnants at this site were wine amphorae, bronze helmet and Greek mythological such as Aphrodite, Nika, Heli, Dionysius, Muse, and Pegasus. Other remnants were granite sculpture of Cadmus, Harmonia and relief with thirteen snakes and five pairs of eagle's wings.

A small mint building was also excavated where 39 different cons were discovered. Out of which, 9 coins were with Greek inscription and boat image.

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