Tenga of Kokand Mint

31 Aug 2020  Mon

Tenga of Muhammad Khudayar Khan struck at the Kokand mint, dated 1862–1863. Muhammad Khudayar Khan was a Khan of Kokand and ruled between 1845 and 1875. The Russian invasion forced him to become their vassal. The uprising among the masses abolished the Khanate. The palace built by Khudayar Khan is one of the monuments of Kokand.

Kokand is a city in Uzbekistan, located on the eastern side. Kokand witnessed the rise and fall of the Khavakand, Han Dynasty, Tang Empire, Mongols, and Khanate. The city is also named as ‘The City of Winds’ or ‘Town of Boar’. Its name derives from Kokan or Kongrat tribe of Uzbeks.

Until 1876, Tenga was the currency of Kokand. Silver Tenga circulated with copper pull and gold tile. It is worth noted that there was no fixed relationship between the three denominations. Later, the Russian ruble replaced the pul, Tenga and tilla.

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia.com

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