Australian First Commemorative Dollar Coin

28 Jul 2020  Tue

The United Nations Economic and Social Council proposed the idea of observing ‘International Year of Peace’ at the conference of November 1981. The objective was achieved by publicizing peace themes through literature, scholarly activities, art, etc. Later, the International Year of Peace was observed by the world in 1986. A ten-day peace exposition on the theme of ‘Religions for World Peace’ was organized at the Bahai House in Sydney, Australia. Thereafter, the Australian government introduced its first commemorative one dollar coin on the theme of ‘International Year of Peace’ in 1986. The coin was issued for celebrating the UN year of peace and was also circulated among masses for creating awareness about it. The obverse of the coin depicts crowned bust of Queen Elizabeth II facing right side where she is shown with pearl necklace and earring. This kind of effigy is known as the 3rd Portrait. The legends show, “ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 1986”. The other side of the coin features a dove being released from the human hands, flanked with wreath. The shown legends are, ‘ONE DOLLAR INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF PEACE’. Image Courtesy:

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