Vasco Da Gama Featured on the Latest New Zealand Mint 2oz Silver Coin

20 May 2016  Fri

They say, unless you have explored, you haven’t done much in life. This lovely thought is extended through the ”Journeys of Discovery Coin Collection” which celebrates noted travellers from around the world along with their explorations and discoveries. The earlier two coins released by New Zealand Mint commemorated famous explorers like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus. The next in line is the Vasco da Gama 2oz 99.99 Pure Silver Coin.

Born in 1460 in Sines, Portugal, Vasco Da Gama belonged to a noble family but never really liked luxury. Instead, his loved the sea. The fearless navigator was appointed to lead a Portuguese expedition to find a sea route to Asia in 1497. He finally discovered India for the first time on May 20, 1498, which was considered as the longest ocean voyage of its time.

This significant moment of the exciting of Vasco da Gama landing in Calicut is wonderfully captured on the antique-finished and high-relief 2oz silver coin.

Mintage of this Niue Island coin is limited to 2,000 only.

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