Smartest Option to Keep Your Collection for Ages

28 May 2020  Thu

It is advisable to store stamps, postcards where humidity and temperature should be at suitable levels. High temperature and humidity can damage the gum on the back of stamps. Stamps that are kept in low temperatures may become brittle, which can be damaging too. Ideally, stamps should be store in an album with silica gel. Storing albums upright distributes the weight evenly and reduces pressure.

Mintage World is the only official distributor of Lighthouse which is the world’s best-recommended accessories. For storing your valuable treasure, you should definitely go with the option Lighthouse Stockbook.

This is the primary A4 size stamp booklet with a hardbound cover and white pages. It has double interleaving and rigid binding. There are 16 white pages and each page is divided into 9 glassine strips. It is available in blue color. The dimension of the booklet is 230 x 305 mm.

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