Gold Sultani Altin issued under Mehmed III

26 May 2020  Tue

Mehmed III was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire reigning from 1595 until his death in 1603. His reign saw a long and arduous conflict with Austria and serious revolts in Anatolia.

Mehmed was born at the Manisa Palace on 26th May 1566, during the reign of his great-grandfather, Suleiman the Magnificent. He was the son of Murad III and Safiye Sultan, an Albanian from the Dukagjin highlands.

The major event of his reign was the Austro-Ottoman War in Hungary (1593–1606). Ottoman defeats in the war caused Mehmed III to take personal command of the army, the first sultan to do so since Suleiman I in 1566. Accompanied by the Sultan, the Ottomans conquered Eger in 1596.

Depicted here is Gold Sultani Altin coin issued under his reign from Halab (Aleppo, Syria) mint. The obverse of a coin depicts inscription "Sultan Mehmed bin Murad Han azze nasruhu duribe fi Halab 1003". The reverse of a coin engraved "Sultan-ül-berreyni ve hakan-ul-behreyn es-Sultan bin es-Sultan".

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