Minna Canth on a Zero Euro Banknote

19 Mar 2020  Thu

Born on 19 March 1844, Minna Canth was a Finnish writer, journalist, businesswoman and social influencer. As a writer, Canth was one of the pioneers of Finnish realism.

Minna Canth was Finland's first notable woman author. She exposed social evils and disseminated new ideas which shook the traditional view of the world. Her contribution to literature and social reforms brought her on a special Banknotes of Europe.

Known as the Zero Euro Banknotes, these banknotes are printed for tourists and as numismatic collectibles. Zero banknotes have only been printed since 2015. Finland's first zero banknote was printed in 2017.

The first Finnish zero banknote was printed in 2017. The City of Hyvinkää and the Finnish Railway Museum printed Finland's first zero banknote in cooperation. Zero banknotes were brought to Finland by Ulrich Hoefs.

The Zero banknote, printed in memory of Kuopio feminist Minna Canth, was issued in the year 2018. The obverse of the note depicts right facing portrait of the writer with the view of Minna Canth city in the background. The reverse he reverse side of all the zero designs features a common depiction of the composition of the European monuments.

Image Courtesy: emuenzen.de

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