King Henry III of England

14 Jan 2020  Tue

Henry III was king England from 1216 to 1272. The reign of King Henry III lasted for fifty-six years but not without political instability and hurdles. During his time Monarchy was under Magana Carta. The Governance and Kingship were tied to it and the barons in parliament ruled the country. King Henry III and Baron Simon de Montfort became the biggest foes.

Henry reformed the system of silver coins in England in 1247, replacing the older Short Cross silver pennies with a new Long Cross design. The Gold pennies of Henry III are the rarest and most valuable of all the British gold coinage.

These Gold Pennies are said to be the first English hammered gold coin; struck before the Norman invasion. The obverse depicts the Crowned King Henry III is seated on a throne and wearing royal robes. He is holding a sceptre in the right hand and monde on the other hand. The mosaic design is seen below the king with an inscription around which reads “HENRICUS REX III’ means “King Henry III”. The reverse depicts a long cross with all its four ends with limb bottom with extensions to the edges of the coin within the beaded circle dividing the outer circle of legend from the inner section which intersects with rose and three pellets.

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