Ibis illustrated on Roman coin

02 Dec 2019  Mon

The imperial Rome had jurisdiction over a vast area under which many provinces were administrated. Each province was personified as a deity and an animal was presented with it holding some significant. The Roman coinage consistsof such specimens that illustrates coins from different provinces of Rome depicting different fauna.

The above-shown coin depicts Aegyptos, Egypt was personified as a women seated on the ground with Ibis depicted near the leg facing the goddess. This reverse design appeared on all the coins of Hadrian in all three mints of Rome and was stuck of the occasion of Emperor’s visit to Egypt.

Ibis was scared to Egyptians. This bird is so peculiar to Egypt, it is said that this bird would die if taken somewhere else. Ibis was worshipped because it was considered as the natural destroyer of the serpent and insects who waged war on the food supply of this area.

Image Courtesy: Americannumismatic.org

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