Revival of the $2 Jenny Invert Stamps

08 Nov 2019  Fri

The United States Postal has decided to revive the $2 Jenny Invert stamps. The stamps have been returned to Stamp Fulfillment Services, the centralized USPS storage and distribution center in Kansas City, Mo., and are now offered online.

Collectors can now order from Stamp Fulfillment Services in full panes of six for $12 each as USPS item No. 580000.

The stamps when issued were packaged in individual sealed paper envelopes and wrapped in cellophane.

Shortly after the 2013 issue date, it was revealed that 100 six-pane sheets were intentionally printed with the Jenny biplane flying right side up, unlike the normal issue that shows the plane flying upside down. Those variety panes were then somewhat randomly seeded into the stock of normal issues.

The aftermarket value for a single rare upright Jenny Invert pane had reached $50,000 or more.

The 2020 Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers values the variety (Scott 4806d) at $70,000, with that figure in italics to denote an item that can be difficult to value accurately.

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Image Courtesy: US Post

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