New Scottish £20 Note

08 Nov 2019  Fri

The Bank of Scotland has disclosed the plan of its new polymer £20 note, which will enter dissemination right on time one year from now.

The front of the note will keep on highlighting the picture of Scottish writer and artist Sir Walter Scott close by a picture of The Mound in Edinburgh. The Forth Bridge stays on the switch, yet the Queensferry Crossing, opened in 2017, will be obvious out of sight.

The Queensferry Crossing will likewise be commended in its very own privilege on a predetermined number of memorial £20 notes.

The notes will likewise include a progression of safety efforts, for example, a 'window impact' which can be found in the windows of The Mound. The notes additionally include a holographic profundity stripe, the highest point of the foil includes an Aurora Borealis impact when tilted, and the mists on the notes will move left to right when tilted east to west. Like the £10 polymer note, the £20 notes will likewise present the 'material embellish's component to help the outwardly disabled.

All current paper Bank of Scotland £20 notes will be slowly pulled back after the giving of the new note, yet any available for use will keep on being acknowledged at shops, banks and money installment machines.

In contrast to English banknotes, Scottish notes are delivered by three distinct banks: Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale Bank. The notes are commonly acknowledged in the remainder of the UK too.

Image Courtesy: Scotland Post

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