Five-Colón Coins to Go Out Of Order

08 Nov 2019  Fri

The Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) declared Thursday that it will quit stamping five-colón coins (?5) toward the finish of this current year.

The 715 million coins of that category, every value about 0.85 U.S. pennies, will stay legitimate delicate.

BCCR referred to the expense of assembling the coins, their low use, and low distribution as explanations behind consummation generation.

The Central Bank says each ?5 coin costs ?7.10 to deliver, and that due to their close unimportant fiscal worth, everyone was utilized only twice by and large.

Since 2004, the ?5 coin has been made of aluminum, the least expensive metal offered by the worldwide coin fabricating industry, as indicated by BCCR.

Image Courtesy: Tico Times

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