World Radiography Day

08 Nov 2019  Fri

Today on this in the year1895, while experimenting with electricity, Wilhelm Rontgen discovers the X-ray. In recognition of this event, World celebrates the International Day of Radiography on 8th November.

The purpose of this day is to raise public awareness of radiographic imaging and therapy, which plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and the treatment of patients and most importantly, ensuring radiation is kept to the minimum required, hence improving the quality of patient care. The day is celebrated worldwide by various national radiographer’s associations and societies.

The first “Roentgenogram” or an X-ray image ever created was that of his wife, Bertha’s hand. His discovery was called as a miracle and it revolutionized medical diagnoses and a set a foundation for radiology.

Many countries have honored Roentgen on stamps and coins. India Post has honored Roentgen on an INR 6 stamp issued in 1995.

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