Special Disney Edition Collector’s Coins

09 Oct 2019  Wed

Everyone’s favorite Disney Characters will be soon visible on the British Coins. Recently the Guernsey Treasury announced a special Disney edition collector’s coins. These coins are being launched to mark the festive season.

There will be about 5 types of these coins. All five coins will feature the title of the pantomime plays alongside an illustration created by artist Ian Rank-Broadley.

While the Cinderella coin features a pumpkin drawing, Snow White is written inside a poisoned apple and Aladdin's has a magic lamp and flying carpet.

Jack can be seen climbing his beanstalk, while Dick Whittington is accompanied by his cat.

These coins can be purchased from the Westminster Collection’s website, and all five will cost £30, while a colorful set costs a whopping £325.

However, as these coins are being released by the Guernsey Treasury rather than the Royal Mint, they will not be released with general circular. Hence, being of no use in the shops. Nonetheless, these coins are set to look amazing in the collection.

Image Courtesy: UK Post

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