Celebrating 150 Years of Mahatma Gandhi

On 7th June 1893, a young practicing lawyer was thrown off a train in South Africa for refusing to comply with the travel rules of ‘racial segregation’. The same person later became the reason for awe for the British. He is known by many names in India. Ravindranath Tagore called him Mahatma! Some call him Bapu. Some call him Gandhiji or just Gandhi. It doesn’t matter what you call him! He has a special place in the heart of every Indian.
His ethics had influenced many thinkers all around the world and encouraged them to fight against injustice. Not just in India, his work and philosophy have been commemorated and followed by many nations. Being the Father of the Nation (Rashtrapita), Gandhiji’s life and legacy are featured on various Numismatics, Paranumismatics, Philatelic, and Notaphilic collectibles.

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