Republic of India - Decimal Coinage

The Jewel in the British Crown was about to enter a phase in its history where much would be tested for it to either stand independently or to fail miserably. It would be a matter of pride and delight for every Indian because the former was triumphant and the latter never realised. After years of fighting, at times through force but mostly through non violent means led by M.K. Gandhi and other freedom fighters, India had gained its independence on 15 August 1947.

India with its new beginnings as an independent nation did go through turbulent and trying times. Just after the declaration of Independence two events rocked the new nation. The first being partition of India which saw scores of people suffering as well as dying as there was a huge migrations between the Hindu and Muslim population between newly created independent India and Pakistan. A total of 14.5 Million people crossed the boundaries from either country making it the biggest migration of people in History.

In the end 2 nations were formed with East/ West Pakistan and India. This period also witnessed the first Indo-Pakistan war in 1947. A Total of 3 wars were fought between India and Pakistan over a period of 3 decades.

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