The princely state of Las Bela existed until 1955 in a subsidiary alliance with British India. It was later a princely state of Pakistan and is presently situated on the southern coast of Baluchistan. The state derived its name from the word ‘Las’ which signifies a plain.

Alexander the Great appears to have passed through Las Bela on his way from India, according to the account of Sir Thomas Holdich left by him in the beginning of September 326 B.C. The country also lay on the route followed by the Arab general, Muhammad Bin Kasim and Buddhism probably gave place to Islam about that time. The succeeding period was lost in obscurity. The chiefs of Gujar, Runjha, Gunga and Burfat tribes were said to have exercised a semi-independent sway previous to the rise of the Aliani family of the Jamot tribe of Qureshi Arabs to which the rulers of Jams belong.

Jam Ali Khan I, surnamed Kathuria, ruled until his death in 1765. He was succeeded by his eldest son Jam Ghulam Shah, who died of small-pox at Kalat in 1776. Jam Mir Khan I, the younger son succeeded the throne in 1776 and married Bibi Sultan Khatun. He died in 1818 and was succeeded by his son Jam Ali Khan II who ruled for about 12 years and died in 1830. He was an extremely religious man.

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