Bajranggarh was the imperial province (subahat) of Gwalior princely state which came under the Guna sub-agency. It was one of the four paraganas of Gwalior which is currently situated in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh.

Raghugarh was a small state. The chief of this state were the Khichi Chauhans who were a powerful branch of a great clan to which the famous Prithvi Raj Chauhan belonged. The branch was represented in Central India by the chiefs of Raghugarh, Dharnaoda, Maksundangarh, Khilchipur and Garha. The Khichi section of the clan was descended from Aje Rao, second son of Manik Rai of Sambhar. In 1203 Gagraun received a grant of land from the Mughals. This grant was extended further to his successors. By the end of 17th century the Khichi domains comprised parts of Guna, Sarangpur, Shujalpur and Bhilsa. This tract got its name, Khichiwara from here.

In 1697 Gagraun was taken from the Khichis by Bhim Singh of Kotah, and Bajranggarh became their stronghold. The palace and fort of Raghunath was built seven years later. The fortunes of Raghugarh chiefs began to wane in about 1780 when they were invaded by Maharaja Scindia who imprisoned Raja Balwant Singh and his son Jai Singh. The feud thus commenced lasted until 1818 and was carried on by Khichi Thakur Sher Singh who devastated the Khichi territory. It was now valueless to Scindia. In 1816 Scindia’s General Jean Baptiste Filose granted the district of Maksudangarh to Beri Sal, a member of the Scindias.

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