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Classical Greece

The Archaic Era (800 BCE to 480 BCE) laid the foundation for the period of maturity which came to be known as “Classical Greece” (480 BCE To 323). Many rare Classical Greek coins are sought after by collectors all around the world and Mintage World presents the biggest online repository to study them thoroughly! During the classical Greek period, Athens and Sparta dominated the world with their cultural and military achievements. The period of Pericles leadership in Athens is described as the “Golden Age”. The concept of Democracy came into existence and also the massive building project of Acropolis was undertaken.

The Greek Classical Period produced remarkable cultural and scientific achievements. The rational approach to exploring and explaining the world as reflected in Classical Greek Art, Greek Classical sculpture, Philosophy, and Literature became the well-grounded springboard that western culture used to leap forward, beginning with the subsequent Hellenistic Age.

The thinkers of the Classical Greek era have since dominated thought for thousands of years, and have remained relevant to our day. The teachings of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle among others, either directly, in opposition or mutation, have been used as reference point of countless western thinkers in the last two thousand years. Hippocrates became the “Father of modern medicine”, and the Hippocratic Oath is still used today. Classical Greek era art also included dramas of Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides and the comedies of Aristophanes are considered among the masterpieces of western culture.