Dynasty / Name of State : Dungarpur
Ruler / Authority : Udai Singh
Denomination : Paisa
Metal : Copper
Weight (gm) : 9.5-11
Shape : Round
Calendar System : VS (Vikram Samvat)
Issued Year : 1916
Minting Technique : Die Struck
History of Dungarpur

The princely state of Dungarpur was situated in the south of Rajputana with an area of 1,447 square miles. Earlier the territories of Dungarpur and Banswara comprised of a place called Bagar, a land of ‘five gems, namely water, rocks, leaves, abusive language, and the looting of clothes', as a couplet says. It was occupied mostly by Bhils and to a smaller extent by Chauhan and Paramara Rajputs. Towards the end of the twelfth century, Karan Singh was chief of Mewar whose country was being ravag...

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