Dynasty / Name of State : Indo - Scythian
Ruler / Authority : Rajuvula
Denomination : Drachm
Metal : Silver
Weight (gm) : 2 - 2.5
Shape : Round
Types/Series : KMW - Nikephoros Type
Minting Technique : Die Struck
History of Indo - Scythian

Scythians is a generic term which refers to a group of people originated in Central Asia who migrated towards south and west. They consisted of various clans who were scattered in different groups in Eurasia. The name “Scythian” came from ‘skutalai’ who is believed to be their founder king. The word ‘skutalai’ probably got corrupted by Greeks into Scythian. The word “scythes” means archer or shooter. However, the people of the clans called themselves as “Saka”.


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