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The mosque, Masjid in Arabic, is the Muslim gathering place for prayer. Like many other religious structures throughout the world, mosques so often act as emblems of a city’s cultural identity and geography. Over the years, many rulers, kings, and heads of states have had grand mosques built.

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Mythology Featured on Early Indian Banknotes

The origin of the universe can be explained by modern astronomers and astrophysicists, while archaeologists and historians try to clarify the origin of human societies. A mythology is a collection of stories about a specific culture or religion. They often feature supernatural characters.

temples on banknotes

The soul is your temple- Chanakya. A Temple is a house or the adobe of divine. It is a place where every human being despite religion, caste and creed visits to find salvation and peace. For many, a temple is an ultimate place for worship; every individual has his own perception when it comes to … Continue reading Adobe of Divine: temples on banknotes

Ideas, information and rumour just need an easy and common communication medium to reach to the masses. This kind of schemes is tried by nations, individual or a group to form, control, or alter the attitudes of others through communication with the intent that in any given situation the reaction of those so influenced will … Continue reading Vehicle of Communication Part II: Propaganda Banknotes

Have you heard of the “the Big Five”? The Big Five of Africa are the much-loved five large African mammals! The South African Big Five are; lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo. These five wild animals were originally termed ‘the Big Five’ by big game hunters who found them to be the most difficult and … Continue reading South African Big Five on banknotes

Our world is an interesting place. It’s ever-changing and dynamic. There’s no better and easier way to get to know the complex history and geography of the world than through the banknotes issued by various nations. Today let’s take a trip down the past and get to know about the historic region of Indochina and … Continue reading Banknotes of the French IndoChina

Curacao's Stamps with Banknotes

Coins, Stamps, and Banknotes not just make great collectibles but also offer a solid platform that stimulates the curious minds. However fascinating is keeping a collection, having more than one hobby can be a little bit exhausting and expensive. What if two hobbies are spliced into one? The Curacao Post has brilliantly combined Notaphily with … Continue reading Notaphily through Philately – Curacao’s Stamps with Banknotes

Propaganda means the spreading of ideas, information, or rumour for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause or a person. It is an intentional try by countries, individuals or groups to form, control, or alters the attitudes of others through communication with the intent that in any given situation the reaction of … Continue reading Vehicle of Communication Part I: Propaganda Banknotes

The wads of banknotes that you carry around and so often spend are miniature versions of art treasures! Have you ever noticed what beauties they depict? Though the banknote designs in themselves are a work of art, they also sport some famous masterpiece paintings on them. Painting is an art which enables us to find … Continue reading Hidden Art on Banknotes

Gautam Buddha stamps

The Lumbini festival is celebrated in the month of December every year in Nagarjunasagar, Andhra Pradesh to commemorate the religion of Buddhism in the state. During the three-day long festival, several vibrant activities are conducted to highlight and promote Buddhism by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. Thousands of tourists and pilgrims visit the state … Continue reading Mintage World Celebrates Lumbini Festival